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About Us

Dohaş Denizli Organize San. Antrepo ve Lojistik Hizmetleri A.Ş.

With our warehouse, we offer our customers significant advantages with our solutions for different product ranges.

We provide optimum service to the needs of our customers from every sector with our bonded warehouses and bonded areas affiliated to Denizli Customs Directorate.

With warehouse management programs, we offer our customers the opportunity to monitor and control all processes, as well as monitor jointly created performance criteria in real time.

We perform stock management reliably with technology support and our experienced staff. During the warehouse entry, we record and control the stock of the materials labeled with barcoding and place them in the designated place.

We provide high-quality management of the services we offer to our customers, with designs specially prepared by our IT team for the sector and for the customer.

Dohaş Warehouse, an Establishment of Denizli Organized Industrial Zone, provides A-type General Bonded Warehouse service.

Our bonded warehouse, which became operational in November 2018, is located in the Organized Industrial Zone, next to the Denizli Customs Directorate.

It offers the best quality service to your bonded transactions with affordable prices and a professional team.

Bonded storage:
Sector-specific warehousing services with our warehouse belonging to the Organized Industrial Zone
High quality value added services
1500 truck storage capacity per year
Customized Storage Solutions
Storage of products in suitable conditions according to their characteristics
Electronic tracking of all stock management services from the first entry to the warehouse to the shipment
Stock validation with weekly-monthly counts
Automated solutions customized to customer needs
High service quality
Online trace and tracking system
Preparation and shipment of orders on a unit basis, parcel basis and pallet basis
Zero stock loss with System Management
Procedures, reports, blocking operations for damaged-lost materials
Empty case/pallet management sent by customers and suppliers

Assembly, Kit and Packaging Services
Product assembly
Pre-sales services
Repacking & returns processes
Other services

Counting, labeling, packaging, damage control
Category separation & management
Creating a campaign package
Inventory management

Contact information

Dohaş Denizli Organize San. Antrepo ve Lojistik Hizmetleri A.Ş.

+90258 269 20 10


Denizli OSB Mh. Ali Rıza Öztürk Cd. No:6 Honaz/DENİZLİ